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The Chesapeake Educational Alliance is an EdTech company that offers enrichment programs in technology, art, design, and entrepreneurship.

Through our partnerships, we give students experiences with cutting-edge technology and training that will benefit them not only as students but as professionals in design and STEM careers.  Our highly skilled staff are industry professionals and bring expertise and FUN to every class, camp, or event.

We are committed to delivering first-class experiences to our customers.  We honor this by holding our events in state-of-the-art facilities and prestigious universities, hiring credentialed staff, and making certain that every customer service experience is an enjoyable encounter.

Baltimore Children’s Business Fair

At the Baltimore Children’s Business Fair, kids will create a product or service, develop a brand, build a marketing strategy, and then open for customers at this one-day marketplace. The children are responsible for the setup, sales, and interacting with customers, and any parent seen selling to the customer or promoting the child’s product will result in disqualification from the competition.

A previous competitor from 2009, Makaila Ulmer of Bee Sweet Lemonade, was once a participant in the Acton Children’s Business Fair.  Mikaila’s Bee Sweet Lemonade is now sold in Whole Foods Market across the country as a result of her young business savvy.

Whether an entrepreneur is famous, like Elon Musk or Oprah Winfrey, or one of the thousands of unsung business owners across this country, these entrepreneurs are the people who make sacrifices to innovate, create jobs, and serve their communities.

Digital Media Academy | George Washington University

Digital Media Academy is proud to host educational summer camps on George Washington University’s beautiful Mount Vernon campus. The campus offers amazing classrooms, equipped with all the tech needed to provide high-quality learning experiences. Students age 9 to 17 will feel inspired as they learn important STEM skills such as coding, robotics, video game design, and artificial intelligence all while getting a head start on a portfolio that can put them on the path to college.

Being on GWU’s campus is truly an amazing experience as it sits near the heart of America’s capitol buildings. Walking between buildings only takes a few minutes and students may find themselves exploring while working on projects or on a break between classes. GWU is the perfect place to explore your interests and make new friends.


Greater Baltimore Christian Homeschoolers


The Greater Baltimore Christian Homeschoolers is a support group for children in grades Pre-K through 8th (and counting) along with their parents. We are a community of homeschoolers in the Baltimore area that creates and facilitates enrichment activities, social events, and field trips for our membership.

Some of our group activities include the following:

  • Monthly support meetings
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Show and Tell
  • Public Speaking
  • Park Days at local parks or indoor playgrounds
  • Monthly Field Trips
  • Celebrations for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter
  • Annual Yearbook
  • Field Day
  • Mom’s Annual Tea
  • Mom to Mom Conference
  • Sports

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