Hands-on learning is the focus at Spartek Academy in Columbia
Education entrepreneur Janear Garrus founded a school where students learn by doing: “We are pushing and cheering on innovation and trying to reach conclusions not based on what someone else has done, but based on your own experience.” Read here…

WEAA Two Way Talk
Janear Garrus, founder of Spartek Academy, a micro-school in Howard County, joins Two Way Talk to discuss her institution’s philosophy of learning. Listen here…

Comcast Newsmakers
Elena Russo talks with Janear Garrus, Managing Director of Chesapeake Educational Alliance, about Spartek Academy and how they prepare their students for the hero’s journey. Watch here

Real Talk with Dr. David Anderson
105.1 WAVA FM
The Wisdom of Non-Traditional Education
Spartek Academy founder, Janear Garrus, spoke with Dr. David Anderson about the benefits of the non-traditional, child-led education provided at Spartek Academy: An Acton Academy and how Spartek builds on the Montessori educational model with “talk and tech.” Watch here

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